JSE Java Development Kit 8

Java Standard Edition Develompent Kit

What is the difference between JDK and JRE?

What are their roles and when should I use one or the other?

JRE: Java Runtime Environment. It is basically the Java Virtual Machine where your Java programs run on. It also includes browser plugins for Applet execution.

JDK: It’s the full featured Software Development Kit for Java, including JRE, and the compilers and tools (like JavaDoc, and Java Debugger) to create and compile programs.

Usually, when you only care about running Java programs on your browser or computer you will only install JRE. It’s all you need. On the other hand, if you are planning to do some Java programming, you will also need JDK.

Sometimes, even though you are not planning to do any Java Development on a computer, you still need the JDK installed. For example, if you are deploying a WebApp with JSP, you are technically just running Java Programs inside the application server. Why would you need JDK then? Because application server will convert JSP into Servlets and use JDK to compile the servlets.


Descargar ultima versión de Java Platform (JDK) desde:  http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads  Ejecutar el instalador.

Lanzar http://java.com/es/download/installed8.jsp para comprobar la versión de Java.

Lanzar http://java.com/es/download/uninstallapplet.jsp para borrar versiones anteriores.

En la ruta C:Program FilesJava ver cual es la carpeta de la versión de Java que tenemos y para ella crear una variable de entorno llamada JAVA_HOME con la ruta de la instalacíon, en mi caso: C:Program FilesJavajdk1.8.0_31



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