Naming Conventions

Esta es una convención para la nomenclatura de tu código para la asignatura, no es obligatoria usarla, pero facilita el entendimiento y lectura del código por todos.

Naming convention for Xml files

activity_<ACTIVITY NAME>.xml – for all activities
dialog_<DIALOG NAME>.xml – for all custom dialogs
row_<LIST_NAME>.xml – for custom row for listview
fragment_<FRAGMENT_NAME>.xml – for all fragments

Naming convention for component/widget in java and xml ids:

All components for X activity must start with the prefix or short name like btn for Button For example,name for login activity component should be like following.


Short name of major components:

Button – btn
EditText – et
TextView – tv
Checkbox – chk
RadioButton – rb
ToggleButton – tb
Spinner – spn
Menu – mnu
ListView – lv
GalleryView – gv
LinearLayout -ll
RelativeLayout – rl
TimePicker – tp
DatePicker – dp

Resources files

Resources file names are written in lowercase_underscore.

Naming conventions for drawables:

Asset Type Prefix Example
Action bar ab_ ab_stacked.9.png
Button btn_ btn_send_pressed.9.png
Dialog dialog_ dialog_top.9.png
Divider divider_ divider_horizontal.9.png
Icon ic_ ic_star.png
Menu menu_ menu_submenu_bg.9.png
Notification notification_ notification_bg.9.png
Tabs tab_ tab_pressed.9.png

Naming conventions for icons

Asset Type Prefix Example
Icons ic_ ic_star.png
Launcher icons ic_launcher ic_launcher_calendar.png
Menu icons and Action Bar icons ic_menu ic_menu_archive.png
Status bar icons ic_stat_notify ic_stat_notify_msg.png
Tab icons ic_tab ic_tab_recent.png
Dialog icons ic_dialog ic_dialog_info.png

Naming conventions for selector states:

State Suffix Example
Normal _normal btn_order_normal.9.png
Pressed _pressed btn_order_pressed.9.png
Focused _focused btn_order_focused.9.png
Disabled _disabled btn_order_disabled.9.png
Selected _selected btn_order_selected.9.png

Layout files

Layout files should match the name of the Android components that they are intended for but moving the top level component name to the beginning. For example, if we are creating a layout for the SignInActivity, the name of the layout file should be activity_sign_in.xml.

Component Class Name Layout Name
Activity UserProfileActivity activity_user_profile.xml
Fragment SignUpFragment fragment_sign_up.xml
Dialog ChangePasswordDialog dialog_change_password.xml
AdapterView item item_person.xml
Partial layout partial_stats_bar.xml

A slightly different case is when we are creating a layout that is going to be inflated by an Adapter, e.g to populate a ListView. In this case, the name of the layout should start with item_.

Note that there are cases where these rules will not be possible to apply. For example, when creating layout files that are intended to be part of other layouts. In this case you should use the prefix partial_.

Menu files

Similar to layout files, menu files should match the name of the component. For example, if we are defining a menu file that is going to be used in the UserActivity, then the name of the file should be activity_user.xml

A good practice is to not include the word menu as part of the name because these files are already located in the menudirectory.

Values files

Resource files in the values folder should be plural, e.g. strings.xml, styles.xml, colors.xml, dimens.xml, attrs.xml

colors.xml and dimens.xml as a pallete

  • For color, use names like gray_light, not button_foreground.
  • For dimens, use names like spacing_large, not button_upper_padding.
  • If you want to set something specific for your button color or padding, use a style file.


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